In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, the mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman, suggested that Las Vegas should be open even though the pandemic numbers show the dangers involved.

I took on the role of a creative director thinking of ideas that could show the effect.

The little virus lives everywhere, the lights, the glitter, the slots, and the drinks. The last slide spells out Vegas with the most significant building representing the hospital.

Gamble and party safely my friends.

The iconic Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign. Covid-19 symbol takes on the light form and the neon outline.

Jackpot. The virus lines up and you are the lucky winner of the potentially deadly disease. Note the skull and crossbones on the lever, I thought that a nice touch. #slots.

All the Glitter and gold are potential virus characters. The Umbrella drink, a classic for the people walking the streets of Vegas, sparkles with the nasty virus too.

The big lights spell vegas, but the tallest building in terms of importance will be the hospital. Vegas is strong and capable, we don't wish them any harm.

As a creative person, I am not qualified to work on the front lines of helping the sick and singularly unqualified to support the people suffering from the Coronavirus. So I do I what I know the best, brand, and promotion. This mark comes from my heart. The overall shape of the symbol represents the shared awareness of the medical community. Within the logo mark, there are three shapes, the arrow identifying direction, in this case, first, inline to help where there are sickness and danger. The white is the number one, being first, and the red represents the rest of the medical community. Thank you, people. You deserve our love and respect and hazard pay and anything more we can offer.

We love our first responders